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Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 6:00 PM

Stockerstrasse 38
8002 Zürich


Be ready for Startup Week End:
You are always pitching. Get to the point!

The pitch is one of the most important part of a startup communication. You will use it again and again. To have the most impact, it should be simple, concise, and informative.

On this event, you will have the unique opportunity to work on your HAMMER pitch in order to convince everyone that your idea is king! Therefore, we ask you to prepare a short pitch beforehand (no slides).

The workshop will be held by David Libby. David is a life coach, helping people get out of their own way and create success in their own lives. His core areas of expertise are business analysis, organic/regenerative agriculture and music. David has been participating in and supporting SuW since May 2016. He loves to sell, pitch, and otherwise persuade for good, with authenticity and passion. He’ll be your host and facilitator for these wonderful warm-ups to Startup Weekend! Bring your best energy!

6:00pm Doors open & networking
6:30pm Intro to Startup Weekend
6:45pm Pitch Workshop - David Libby
7:00pm Pitch practices - Everyone
8.00pm Networking
8:30pm End

Participants of Startup Weekend will gain the full entrepreneurial experience by pitching ideas and building teams on Friday, validate your Business Model and experience hands-on mentorship on Saturday, while wrapping things up with investor style presentations on Sunday. It's non stop action and a 54-hour sprint to the finish!

Join us to get inputs on how to prepare a perfect pitch and start meeting with the participants and the organizing team.

Tue 14th - Pre-event Ticket

CHF 10.00Price
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